Saturday, March 22, 2014

My Kryptonite!

Living with my unwanted headguest, Meniere's, has been a lesson in patience and perserverance. Discovering what works and what doesn't work is helping me to have the best life possible with this chronic condition.

The following is a list that brings me to my knees:

1) Stress
2) Fatigue
3) Sodium
4) Flashing/Strobe lights
5) Cold/Flu
6) 3D Movies

The following is a list of what works for me:

1) Pacing myself
2) Finding joy
3) Family & Friends
4) Volunteering
5) Acupuncture, Massage & Chiropractics
6) Walking
7) Music
8) Being grateful
9) Faith

I take life one day at a time. Some days are good and some are bad. I choose to live in the light and take each day as it comes.

Friday, March 14, 2014

Wow! What Happened?

I'm dusting off the cobwebs and going to revive this old blog. Decided to not move over to Wordpress - no particular reason.

The last few years have been a period of tremendous growth spiritually, mentally and physically. I have come a long way from just a year ago. Meniere's does not control my life! I control it! 

My quality of life has increased one hundred fold. I am able to volunteer 12-15 hours a week and I have a part time job. Life is once again great! My bad days are fewer and I bounce back faster than ever. What's my secret? That's an easy one - I am putting myself first and taking care of me :-)

Still following a low sodium diet, taking a diuretic and managing my time so I get enough rest. Learning how to live with Meniere's has been a lot of trial and error. Cutting out stress and strife has been so beneficial. Most importantly - having a strong support system filled with faith, family and friends - priceless!

It feels good to be back! I have missed you all!